DUPLIN COUNTY, N.C. -- A church in Duplin County has upgraded its security measures in light of recent church shootings.

They began installing cameras, fences, and bullet resistant glass in 2017 with the help of security consultant Patrick Fiel.

Fiel spent 40 years in law enforcement and security– working for the Pentagon, Tyco, and now his own security consulting business.

“When we go around churches, as you see when you first go up, there’s a lot of open doors during service hours. So it gives the opportunity for some people to come and go,” Fiel said.

The church he met Spectrum News at, which cannot be named for safety reasons, has spent $10,000 in two years installing equipment at the recommendation of Fiel.

A lifelong member of the church’s congregation, who also cannot be named, says it is all worth it, considering the countless lives it could save. He volunteered to be a part of the security team.

“Well in lieu of everything that’s going on in this world today, I would like to think of myself as a good person and the only deterrent to bad people is good people,” he said.

Fiel suggests every church at least have someone interact with everyone coming in for service because that initial interaction could offer a warning sign of danger.