Twitter: @DougWxonthe1s

Doug Lindsay is originally from upstate NY, but his family traded in the cold weather for North Carolina’s warm climate when he was in college, and NC has been his home ever since.

Doug has been a weather nut since he was a child and is lucky enough to do what he loves for a living. Before joining Spectrum News 10 and a half years ago, Doug spent 10 years as a meteorologist in Jacksonville, Florida. There, it was all about the daily afternoon thunderstorm and hurricane season. In fact, Doug was the official hurricane chaser, being sent to storms like "Charlie" and "Katrina" to do live reports for his stations as well as for Fox News and CNN. When asked about the most meaningful story he’s covered, Doug recalls being on the Mississippi coast for the landfall of Hurricane Katrina. He stayed for a week to cover the aftermath and says the experience changed his life.

Doug is the youngest of four boys, so it’s no surprise he’s a little competitive! When he’s not chasing storms, you can find him enjoying the great outdoors: golfing, hiking, kayaking, or fishing.