MOUNT AIRY, N.C. — Bobby Allison has heard the phrase "start your engine" many times in his life, but at 83 years old, he's focusing more on his internal engine. 


What You Need to Know 

Bobby Allison, former NASCAR racer, has retired from his days at the track and now enjoys fishing

Allison attended the Mount Airy Moonshine and Racer's Reunion this year 

He still makes sure to watch every NASCAR race he can 


"Just trying to get my health organized, the thing at Pocono, I ended up with a severe head injury and a lot of memory loss and all," Allison said.

While Allison doesn't have a line of cars behind him waiting for the green flag, he does have lines of fans waiting for his autograph.

"I had a production line, and I had a guy that was really good at organizing stuff, and I never had time to enjoy it, but a lot of people seemed to enjoy it, and we had a good time," Allison said.

The Mount Airy Moonshine and Racer's Reunion is just one of the many meet-and-greet events Allison attends, and he is glad to be back this year.

"This is a deal that’s been going on for quite a while, and they had to drop it last year because of COVID. I’m really happy they put it back together for this year and just see a lot of good longtime friends, big race fans and enthusiastic people, and it’s been a fun deal," Allison said.

When Allison is not signing autographs, he still seeks out that checkered flag, but from a different starting point than he once did.

"Actually, if I get away early enough, I’m going to go home and watch the race in Richmond," Allison said.

Aside from watching the races from the comfort of his home, Allison enjoys restoring classic cars and showing them off. He also spends time fishing.  

"I won a car show that we took it too, that’s what that big trophy was in the house I said wasn't a racing trophy," Allison said.

As one chapter finishes for Allison, he makes sure to treasure his memories with photographs, autographs and endless stories that fill this NASCAR Hall-of-Famer's home.