RALEIGH, N.C. — For the first time in more than a year, N.C. State football fans are able to cheer on their team before their games. Hundreds came to tailgate Thursday night but not before restocking on some of their gear.


What You Need To Know

N.C. State football fans are preparing to tailgate the first game of the season

Retail businesses around the Triangle are finding it hard to meet high supply needs after suppliers have trouble getting the merchandise

Fan face masks are one of the highest sold items this year


Manager of the Red, White and Blue store in Raleigh, Mario Ciardella, says he’s excited, but it’s also been stressful.

“It just means more demand on us, more demand for more merchandise and trying to navigate with trying to get merchandise in and getting delivered,” Ciardella said. “I know suppliers have been having a hard time getting the blank merchandise in and getting people to print the merchandise in, and get it to us."

He’s been running around the store all week to make sure all of the most popular items have been in stock, including tailgating flags, shirts, hats and face tattoos. At the end of the day, he says it's worth it to see the excitement on people’s faces that football is finally back.

“There's a whole lot of other things going wrong out there, but it's something you can take your mind off everything and watch some sports for a few hours with friends you may not have seen for a while,” Ciardella said.