CHARLOTTE, N.C. – The Charlotte 49ers women’s volleyball team welcomed their newest recruit to campus on Tuesday.

  • Daniella Cole was signed as a utility player
  • The 10 year old was diagnosed with Complex Regional Pain Syndrome
  • She was presented with a jersey

10-year-old Daniella Cole signed with the program as a “utility” player, a role which she will fill with happiness and smiles.

Cole was diagnosed with Complex Regional Pain Syndrome in 2016. The affliction causes pain for unknown reasons.

What is known about Daniella, is that she takes the challenge of CPRS head-on, and with a smile.

“Daniella always kept on going with the attitude, keep on going with a smile,” her mother Melissa told reporters Tuesday.  “The players help remind her of that on the tough days.”

Daniella signed on with the program, as head coach Karen Weatherington looked on.  The team presented her with a jersey and then took her to the practice court afterwards.

The volleyball team will face Florida International on Friday night at 6 p.m. in their annual Dig Pink game. The game will wrap up a month-long program to help raise money for breast cancer research. 

The match will be played on the Charlotte campus inside Halton Arena.

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