PHILADELPHIA -- North Carolina NAACP and Moral Monday protest campaign leader Rev. William Barber says America has developed "a heart problem'' because religion and politics are being used to  "camouflage meanness."

NC NAACP president and Moral Monday protest campaign leader Dr. Rev. William Barber was one of many that took the stage in the final day of the Democratic National Convention.

Giving a powerful speech, Barber spoke about a number of issues facing the country such as the growing hate in the country, the fight for $15 and civil rights.

Barber says Clinton has shown him enough to embrace her and entrust her with the future.

"Times like these we have to make some decisions and I might not normally be here as a preacher and an indiviual, but when I hear Hillary's voice and positions. I hear and I know that she is working to embrace our deepest moral values and we should embrace her,” said Barber.  

Barber continued by saying America has developed a moral heart problem and it's up to the American people to be the moral defibrillators to save this country's heart.

Watch Barber's full speech below: