CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Habitat for Humanity of the Charlotte Region is planning to build more neighborhoods and townhomes on their sites in 2024 to help meet the demand affordable housing.

What You Need To Know

  • Increases in expenses and rent are outpacing increases in pay

  • Habitat for Humanity is building more communities and neighborhoods rather than single homes

  • Building homes together helps save on resources and creates more efficiently in the building schedule

The Meadows at Plato Price is a 39-home community going up in Charlotte right now. Senior VP of construction operations, Bob Glusenkamp, says 30 to 40% of new homes the organization is building will be townhomes and duplexes.

"Land is precious in Charlotte and the surrounding communities, so we're really having to develop neighborhood communities. So, our role has really changed from a scattered lot builder to a neighborhood developer," Glusenkamp said.

Habitat for Humanity of Wake County is doing the same. Its newest community, Old Poole Place, will have over 100 homes.

"Building multiple houses in the same community helps us cut down on transportation costs and infrastructure development. It creates efficiencies in our building schedule and material procurement and maximizes staff and volunteer resources," said a Habitat for Humanity of Wake County spokesperson. 

According to Redfin, current rent costs have decreased more than 2% since November 2022. That's the largest decrease since the onset of the pandemic. However, Redfin's numbers show rent is still about $300 more expensive per month than it was in November 2020. That's $3,600 more for the year.

Glusenkamp says increases in expenses are outpacing increases in pay. Habitat for Humanity is trying to meet the demand.

"Housing inequality, inequity is alive and well, and this is a way to help fight that," Glusenkamp said.