CHARLOTTE, N.C. — A new initiative is focused on connecting youth to possible career paths.

Life Connections, a Charlotte nonprofit, works with youth in the community.

It is focused on connecting young people to programs and mentors.

What You Need To Know

  • Life Connections works with youth in the community

  • A newer initiative will connect kids to possible career paths

  • Program initiative Digital Edge TV recently launched

The new initiative will also connect kids to possible career paths.

Sam Ettaro is leading that initiative called Digital Edge TV. The program allows kids to interview professionals.

"We're not just connecting them with people in the community,” said Ettaro. "We're teaching them and giving them [the] opportunity to learn all these things and be the best that they can be through a mode of expression that means something to them."

Chayse Battle, a 14-year-old who’s been a part of Life Connections since he was 7, says working with the nonprofit has helped him.

“More accountable for myself, more responsibility for myself and me maturing,” he said.

Battle works with his mentor, Chef Gio.

Gio says working as a mentor, as well as introducing youth to different career paths, can help youth go a long way.

“When someone coming to help along and show you some different paths you can take, helps out a lot, you know, and keeps you away from all the negativity,” he said. "Keep focused on the positive energy that’s in your mind and in your heart.”

The Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department also offers programs for teens through its youth engagement division