COLUMBUS, Ohio — Monday's thunderstorms spun up three tornadoes total, according to the National Weather Service — one of which hit near Orient, Ohio. 

What You Need To Know

  • A mobile community in Orient was hit by the storm

  • Mobile homes were flipped over 

  • Residents are encouraged to call their insurance

Trees weren’t the only thing uprooted in Monday's tornado.

“Yes, I'd say yes. I feared for my life,” said Jeff Cooper, a resident of the Fox Fair Mobile Park.

The people of Orient had their lives turned upside down. Cooper saw the tornado first hand, and said it only took about 30 seconds to create damage that will take days to repair. 

“The first thing that I saw flying was the trees," Cooper said when setting the scene. No one was seriously injured in the storm, but the people who live there have been putting the pieces of the community back together since late Monday night.

“We checked on everybody immediately, so, you know, it was a community thing,” said Cooper. "Everybody just took care of everybody.”

The Harrisburg Police and Fire, as well as other agencies, helped with the aftermath and people who just wanted to lend a helping hand made their way down from Columbus to bring water, pizza and chainsaws.

Justin Stafford is a dad of three boys. His 11- and 14-year-old were at the house when the storm hit. While his home is damaged both inside and out, he’s just happy to still be able to hug his boys.

“This is materialistic,” said Stafford. “My sons are fine. Nobody got hurt. If you look around, you see all these trailers. The trailers? Replaceable. Life is not."