MATTHEWS, N.C. — Devoted and loving were two words used frequently Saturday as the family of Jason Myers shared stories and memories with friends and family.

“Whatever he was to the public, he was even better than that at home,” Jason’ Myers' wife, Jillian Myers, said. “Authentic, good-natured and sacrificially loving.”

Myers, along with helicopter pilot Chip Tayag, died Tuesday after the WBTV Sky3 helicopter crashed along I-77 in Charlotte. 


What You Need To Know

Jason Myers died Tuesday in a helicopter crash

The WBTV meteorologist was a loving father, husband, brother and son

He leaves behind his wife of nearly 20 years and four children

His family is urging people to live life to the fullest and take in every moment


To many, he was a trusted meteorologist.

“Jason's fourth-grade dream was to have Eric Thomas' job,” Jillian Myers said. “He wanted to be like the chief meteorologist that we both grew up watching as children. It's so seldom and so seldom to see a dream like that come true.”

But to Jillian Myers, his wife of nearly 20 years, the devoted father was so much more.

“My childhood dream was for him to be mine. And that dream came full circle,” Myers said.

As she described just how far the hardworking dad would go for his kids.

“He handwrote intricately folded tooth fairy letters,” Myers said. “He watched numerous YouTube videos on how to fold the paper into unique shapes. He had a different one for each of his regional fairy alter egos that were based on where we lived at the time or were traveling when the tooth came out.”

While he always hoped to come back to Charlotte to be a meteorologist, Myers' family says his real purpose was to spread Christ through his life.

“Jason was the good news in the news, and everything he did pointed to Christ,” said Jason Myers’ mother, Susan Myers. “God worked out the circumstances. God was in the details.” 

His family noted how Jason Myers loved living each day to the fullest. Putting his faith and family first, in everything he did.

“He packed so much life, so much joy and love in 41 years,” Susan Myers said.

It's faith that has helped his family through such a difficult time.

“Make good come from this tragedy,” said Jason Myers’ father, Glenn Myers. “May nothing be wasted. May we be comforted every day by Emmanuel. God with us remembering his promise to never leave us nor forsake us.”

Family, that those who knew him best say, was always on the forefront of his mind.

“One of the last things he sent me was a link about being a superhuman father,” said Jason Myers’ brother, Robert Myers. “Jason leaned on his Heavenly Father for strength, and he was doing a pretty amazing job at being a superhuman father down here. We are going to miss him so, so much. I love you, buddy.”