JOHNSTON COUNTY, N.C. — The physical education program at Four Oaks Elementary School has a distinction — it is the only CrossFit Kids affiliate at an elementary school in North Carolina. 

What You Need To Know

  • Teacher Amanda Johnson leads the Four Oaks Elementary School's CrossFit Kids program

  • Johnson says the benefits of CrossFit training carry over into everyday life

  • Johnson's husband, a Garner firefighter, helps with the strength and conditioning program at school

The strength and conditioning fitness program is led by teacher Amanda Johnson. 

“I’ve been doing CrossFit for 7 years. I lost quite a bit of weight doing it, now that I’m pregnant, not quite so much, but I’m doing it pregnant," Johnson said. "It has helped me physically, but also mentally as well."

She knew the benefits of CrossFit training could be a rewarding for her students.

“It’s stuff that carries over into everyday life," Johnson said. "We are all going to be sitting down in a chair and standing back up, which is a squat. We all drop things, have to pick them up. That’s a deadlift."

When Johnson’s husband, Zack, isn’t at his job at the Garner Fire Department, he’s at the school gym to help. 

Their CrossFit coach Cody Patrick is also now on-hand when he is not coaching clients. Johnson says their presence is making an impact.

“When I was growing up, exercise was not fun," Johnson said. "I want kids to see that exercise is fun. Being healthy has its benefits."

Much of their equipment is donated. A wishlist is here.