LENOIR, N.C. — It's no easy task running a business, but keeping the doors open for 100 years is a big accomplishment. 


What You Need To Know

Central Barbershop in Lenoir opened its doors in 1922

Current owner Allen Hall says his father bought the place in 1972 from the previous owner

Hall remembers in the 1970s when the long hair styles were trendy for men, and it almost put a lot of barbershops out of business


Allen Hall owns Central Barbershop in Lenoir, which is celebrating its 100th year in business. 

"I like it because you get to meet a lot of different types of people," Hall said. 

He started working at the shop when he was younger with his dad, who had bought it in 1972, but he remembers coming in as a young boy.

“My dad had a guy that shined shoes, and he had a great big chair that you would climb into. I remember that. That was a big thrill for a little boy to get his shoes shined," Hall said. 

The place opened in 1922 at a different location in downtown Lenoir. 

Hall says back then the town had several barbershops, now it's just down to one or two. 

“People would lay their heads against the paneling, and that's the oil and grease that would come off their head over the years," said Hall pointing to a picture showing the grease marks against the old walls of the shop. 

Central Barbershop has been through it all, every haircut, the pandemic and hairstyles that almost put it out of business. 

“In fact, the '70s, when the long hair came in, that got rid of a lot of barbershops. My dad and another gentleman went back to school to be trained to learn how to do the styling and stuff like that," Hall said. 

Hall has seen his customer base change in the last years as it's getting younger. He says more people are working from home, less commuting, and more are moving out to his Foothill community from the big cities. 

But his way of running the business hasn't changed. The hairstyles are shorter, but his manner and professionalism stay the same.