LINCOLN COUNTY, N.C. — There are some who claim to be the biggest North Carolina basketball fan, but great-grandmother Joyce Goodman may have them beat. 


What You Need To Know

Joyce Goodman is a great-grandmother from Lincoln County who started handwriting notes for every North Carolina basketball game

Goodman says her first game she wrote down was when UNC played Duke in 2008

She didn't want to stop her note taking, so she continued for the last 14 years


"My parents were Carolina fans," Goodman said. 

Goodman, 80, has the evidence to prove it. 

Sitting on her lap is a Carolina-blue notebook filled with hundreds of pages of handwritten notes. For the last 14 years, Goodman has written down summaries for every UNC basketball game played. 

"Well, it all started in 2008, I was watching a Carolina-Duke game with my son, and I was so nervous I just started writing down the game notes, and I just kept up with it," Goodman said. 

She not only writes down the final scores, she writes who fouled out, who played, for how long, and anything unusual or interesting that happened during the game. 

"When they were playing (N.C.) State, a bird flew in on the court and was flying around, and they said that had never happened before so I wrote that down that day," Goodman said. 

Her home is decorated with Tar Heels memorabilia. She has cases full of UNC glasses, plates, decorations from trinkets to Christmas decorations. She has a UNC blanket draped over her couch, along with Carolina-blue cushions. 

But her notes are her most prized possession.  

Goodman says she's excited for UNC to play in the tournament. She plans to watch the championship game at home with her paper and pen in hand. 

“I’ve been really nervous through all the games, but this one here is going to be really nerve-racking," Goodman said with a laugh.