GREENSBORO, N.C. — Millions of people have fled Ukraine since Russia's invasion in February.

Thousands have taken refuge in the nearby country of Moldova, placing a strain on health care workers.

UNC Greensboro is providing educational training virtually for Moldavian nurses during the refugee crisis.

"We are working with them on just-in-time training related to crises with refugees," Associate Dean for Experiential Learning and Innovation Dr. Audrey Snyder said. 

The university has been working with nurses in Moldova since 2014, and they have visited over five times. The last time Moldavian nurses were at the university was in 2019.

Health care leaders say the need for assistance to nurses in Moldova is at an all-time high. 

“Seeing injuries and civilians from the conflict that is going on in Ukraine," Snyder said. "So, they have cared for shrapnel wounds. They’ve cared for amputations, and it has been very challenging in their country. They have one trauma center, and the things that they are seeing are not like anything that nurses have seen in the past.”

The UNCG Nursing Department is also working with the state department to obtain supplies for nurses during the refugee crises.