Twitter: @_ChelseaFloyd


Chelsea Floyd joined the Spectrum News Greensboro team with half a decade of journalistic experience under her belt. A California native and Howard University graduate - growing up Chelsea was active in many leadership organizations. Whether she was student-body president, cheerleading or earning her next pageant title, Chelsea never let her creative juices go to waste. As a passionate reporter today, Chelsea is dedicated to connecting with her community beyond the television screen.

Throughout her career, Chelsea commits herself to utilizing her platform to produce positive growth in her community. Out of the various memorable stories Chelsea has covered, one that sticks out is her coverage of former First Lady Michelle Obama’s student workshop: "The Musical Legacy of Ray Charles.” While at the White House, Chelsea not only spoke with Michelle Obama, but also did a stand up on White House grounds and visited the Press Briefing Room and State Dining Room - talk about a day to remember!

As busy as she is, Chelsea knows that no past time is better than relaxing with a new book, a cup of Chamomile tea and a candle. However, aside from sharing the latest news with her community, Chelsea regularly spends time baking new recipes and serving at her local church.