WAKE COUNTY, N.C. — A nonprofit in Apex is working to make sure the special needs community has access to athletics.

Endless Sports meets at Apex Community Center to teach people with different disabilities how to play lacrosse.


What You Need To Know

Endless Sports hosts an inclusive lacrosse league for people of all abilities

Volunteers, coaches, parents and players meet for the six-week program at Apex Community Center

​To play, it costs $5 for Apex residents and $10 for everyone else


Scott Stein is the nonprofit's executive director and head coach.

"I would love for there to be programs like this throughout the country," Stein said. "I think everyone who has played lacrosse has come to love the game in some capacity. So to be able to pay it forward and to share that love of the game with other people, it's just special.”

He wants to make sure people of all abilities have access to this sport and that mission is close to his heart.

"I think deep down, subconsciously ... I'm probably doing this because when I was 7 years old my mother had a stroke, and she suffered brain damage," Stein said. "So I've always had a soft and compassionate spot for people who might need a hand."

And he says he's seeing the program's positive impact on him, the volunteers, the players and their parents.

James Alberque drives to the community center with his 12-year-old son, Ryan, who has Down syndrome. Alberque says the program truly is making a difference.

"Both of my other kids play lacrosse, so other than playing in the yard he's never really had an opportunity to play in a structured kind of setting and really work on skills," Alberque said. "So this Endless Sports, inclusive lacrosse thing has been amazing for him. He's been talking about it all day today.”

The group meets every Friday for six weeks at the Apex Community Center. The program is for players of all ages. 

Endless Sports is hosting its next lacrosse session from May to June. Lacrosse sticks, helmets and goggles are provided. To play, it costs $5 for Apex residents and $10 for everyone else.