MATTHEWS, N.C. — Despite constant hurdles facing students over the last two years, we continue to see them defy the odds and excel! That’s one reason we're continuing to recognize them with our High School Scholar of the Week award.


What You Need To Know

Lacy Brooks is a senior at Queen's Grant Charter High School in Matthews

She is maintaining a 4.2 GPA

Brooks started writing her peers handwritten notes soon after the pandemic forced students into remote learning


Lacy Brooks is the latest high-achieving senior to be rewarded for their hard work, dedication and community service. She is a senior at Queen's Grant Charter High School in Matthews.

Teachers and administrators at the school say Brooks inspires her peers, and she’s doing that in a way some may find unusual for a teenager.

Brooks loves a good handwritten letter on formal stationary.

“Sometimes I just write letters when it speaks to me,” Brooks explained.

She says she picked up the hobby after the pandemic forced students into remote learning.

“It was just something that really spoke to my heart at the time and definitely when I couldn’t be around my friends,” she said.

Brooks says what started as a hobby turned into a passion after she received a handwritten note full of encouragement from her Sunday school teacher. It’s a letter that she carries around with her to this day.

“When I got that letter it really just started in me something that I wanted to do for other people,” she said.

It’s graciousness that was passed down from her mother Angie.

“I’ve always tried to teach her to send thank you cards when she got gifts,” Angie Brooks said.

So, it’s become normal practice for her to take a moment between her classes to make someone’s day.

“I just try to communicate that I’m grateful for our friendship,” Lacy Brooks explained.

Those letters are genuine gestures her teacher says makes Brooks a standout student but also a quiet leader.

“She will kind of fly under the radar, and she’s OK with that, but every now and then you just kind of have to pull those kids out and say you’re amazing, let’s recognize you,” Amanda McCartney said.

McCartney is the yearbook adviser at Queens Grant, and she nominated Brooks for the High School Scholar of the Week award.

She’s maintaining a 4.2 grade point average, co-editor-in-chief for the school yearbook this year and involved in community service for underserved children.

“You’re honor society, and you play tennis, and your many, numerous contributions,” Rep. Nasif Majeed listed off during a presentation at Queen's Grant. “And, on behalf of Spectrum News and Charter Communications, I’d like to present you this High School Scholar of the Week.”

The award means a $1,000 scholarship for the next step of her educational career.

“I hope to become an occupational therapist, majoring in exercise science,” she said.

And, while it will be a stage in her life, she’s dedicated to maintaining traditions she started while at Queen's Grant.

“I just want them to know that they are cared for and loved not just by me, but those around them,” Lacy added about her letter writing.