GOLDSBORO, N.C. —  A nonprofit called Mirakel Loves for Lives is raising money to build a tiny home community for homeless people in Goldsboro.

Executive director of the organization, Thomas Rice, says this project called Restoration of Hope Village will target homeless veterans, women and children.

"America, the great nation that we are, there shouldn't be no need that people are sleeping on the streets," Rice said. "The veterans have made a way so we can be as we are today. They have fought for us, and now I think it's time we fight for them."

Rice says the 15-acre piece of property will have 40 tiny home units, police and security, medical services, mental health and substance abuse treatment, food services, education services, job training, job placement services, exercise facilities and a pet palace.

"This is just a transitional setting. Once they go through this setting, then when they graduate, they'll go out into their own home and they'll hopefully be trained enough where they know how to pay their bills, monitor their money and have a job — the ones that can work," Rice said.

He anticipates the project costing $4 million, so far the group has raised about half a million.

If you would like to donate money or your time, you can contact Rice through its website.