CARRBORO, N.C. — A new skate shop is opening just in time for Small Business Saturday, which takes place November 27. 

Pals Skateshop has been in the works since March. Owner, Jacob Heivly says they sell skateboard hard goods, soft goods and offer skate lessons.

"I grew up here in Chapel Hill and was at the skatepark more than I was at my house, and when this opportunity came up I was just really excited," Heivly said. "I thought it was my way to give back and, you know, get everybody interested in skateboarding the same gratification that I found from it."

The brand already has an online presence, but Heivly says a storefront is what he needs to build a community.

"Skating can be a universal tool to take around the world where you don't have to speak the same language, but if you have your board with you, you can really identify with somebody else," Heivly said. "That's been one of the most amazing things for me personally, and being able to pass that on is my goal with Pals."