RALEIGH, N.C. — A company founded in partnership with North Carolina State University is improving how we do agriculture.

PHLORA Controlled Environment Solutions uses an indoor growing system that can control the environment a young plant is in. It's an industry that is taking off.

Grand View Research valued the global market at $32 billion in 2020, with the expectations for it to grow 10% each year through 2028.

Grafted Growers uses the plant technology for their business. Business development manager John Jackson Jr. said they are able to grow 24/7 with the same quality year-round.

"We are able to condition (the plant) to withstand extra heat. We can condition them to be a little bit stronger when it's windy because we can push wind on it stronger," Jackson said. 

The indoor system enables them to control the amount of oxygen, CO2, wind, heat and other elements the plant is exposed to. He said this way the plant will be better prepared and stronger when it goes in the ground.

Ricardo Hernandez, the chief scientific officer at PHLORA, said the plants can better survive conditions that climate change is causing, like shorter growing seasons.

"Our approach is to actually provide the highest quality young plant they can get," Hernandez said. "That way we keep that plant for longer in our system."

Jackson said they are able to grow anything from peppers and melons, to tomatoes and herbs. All you have to do is ask.