CHARLOTTE, N.C. — New Yorkers are coming in droves to the Charlotte region. They’re moving down for the bright city lights, without the New York prices.


What You Need To Know

  • Charlotte's population has grown by more than 150,000 within the last decade
  • 6,500 New York City residents move to the Charlotte region every year
  • If you make a $100,000 salary in NYC and Charlotte, you end up saving $8,000 more in Charlotte every year


An analysis by the Charlotte Regional Business Alliance shows most people are coming from New York City.

The population in Charlotte, Gastonia and Concord has grown by 150,000 people within the last decade, according to the latest Census. They’re coming from all over the U.S. but most, around 6,500, are from the Big Apple.

More than 600 people move from upstate New York every year. Linnea Mackey just moved to Gastonia from Binghamton, NY. 

“I was living in a rental home that was a little over 1,400 square feet,” she said. 

Not much space for Mackey, her husband and six kids.

Her husband is from Brooklyn, but moved to Binghamton for better prices in 2016, because living in the city was out of the question. 

“Way too expensive. People pay over $2,000 for a box. I could never raise my children in New York City,” Mackey said.

Earlier this year their landlord put their rental home on the market, solidifying their urge to leave the Empire State.

“Below zero weather. I’m over it. I’m done. I want warmer weather,” Mackey said.

So she pushed them to move to Gastonia in August. 

“Now I am in a huge house that we recently bought and we could not buy if we were in New York. This home is 2,500 square feet,” she said.

After 10 offers, they finally have a big front yard. 

New Yorkers moving to the area are saving more money every year. The financing group Go Banking Rates broke down how far you can stretch a $100,000 in both cities. 

After you pay rent, taxes, utilities and health care in NYC, you're left with $24,600 at the end of the year. But, if you make that same salary in Charlotte, you’re left with close to $33,000, which breaks down to $684 every month.