FAYETTEVILLE, N.C. — A 31-year-old Cumberland County 911 dispatcher will be laid to rest Friday. 

Tanajwa McMurry was found shot to death in the home she shared with her boyfriend, Willie Earl Moore, almost two weeks ago. She was also 5 months pregnant with the couple's child. 

Moore turned himself in on October 17 and is facing numerous charges including murder and murder of an unborn child.  

"It's really real. I would have never thought it would touch so close, but domestic violence is real. Even for smart, strong people," said Tasha McMurray, Tanajwa's mother.   

Tasha McMurray said she does not believe this was the first instance of violence in the home.  

"If you know something don't feel right, don't matter," Tasha McMurray said. "Just get involved because the day the situation happened, she brought me her safe with all her important paper work, everything. And that's the first time she ever did that."

Tasha McMurray believes her daughter didn't tell her the extent of the violence in the home because she knew her family would be upset. Tasha McMurray is now urging others in a similar situation to speak up and get help.

"She was definitely my twin. I'm going to miss my baby," Tasha McMurray said.

Tanajwa McMurray's funeral will take place at Colvin Funeral Home and Crematory in Fayetteville on October 22 at 1 p.m. A GoFundMe account to help with arrangements can be found here

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