WEDDINGTON, N.C. — Students at Union Day School won’t be in the classroom again Friday for the second day in a row. 


What You Need To Know

Teachers, students and parents protested on Thursday

Teachers demanded answers with documentation from the board 

School closed Thursday and will remain closed Friday


That’s because teachers, staff and parents are protesting the UDS Board, as well as calling for the board’s resignation. 

After the board fired the school’s principal, Matthew Hamilton, last week, teachers submitted a list of questions to the board, asking for documentation with their answers. 

While the board responded to the request, teachers said the board did not give them the answers they were looking for, and they did not provide documentation. 

“We wanted them to present to us with evidence and proof, we were very specific,” said teacher Andrea Krehbiel. "We are not out here because our principal was fired. It’s so much more than that.”

Another teacher, James Parker, said some questions revolved around policies and procedures, finances within the school and more. 

Parker said they warned the school they wouldn’t come into work if they did not get the answers they were looking for. 

"They informed the board yesterday [Wednesday] around 9:30 a.m. that this would be a result if the teachers had not received the answers and supporting documentation that they were looking for,” Parker said. “And my guess is the board was going to handle it in any way they wanted to and not respect the wishes of this staff and teachers.”

Teachers were angered by the abrupt termination of Hamilton, with one teacher saying they don’t understand why.

"They took the heart out of our school, they took the leader away from us and it’s just not the same,” Krehbiel said. “The staff loves Mr. Hamilton. The students have been heartbroken this week. This man did not deserve to be fired.”

The school responded with a statement, saying they can’t release why they terminated Hamilton.

“Some of our Union Day teachers requested personnel information regarding the termination of a former employee, information that the board cannot legally provide by state statute. After being informed that the board would not break state law to fulfill their request for personnel information, some teachers did not report to work today in protest. Board Chair Jim Lovell and another board member met with school leadership today to try to work out a resolution.”