CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Christine Wayne’s home is filled with tequilas, rums and wines but these bottles are a little different, they’re zero proof.  

“These are non-alcoholic spirits and they’re replacements for all of your go-tos,” Wayne said. “You can enjoy the experience of the way we used to drink but without all the negative stuff that comes with that.” 

What You Need To Know

  • According to a study by Beverage Daily, Americans drink twice as much during the holiday season

  • Some sobriety coaches call that time the “Bermuda Triangle” for people choosing a sober lifestyle

  • One Charlotte woman is giving people tools to live a sober lifestyle and “keep the party going” 

Wayne prefers mocktails over cocktails after battling alcohol dependency.

Wayne says her path to sobriety was a long time in the making with multiple wake up calls that she didn’t answer.  

“I had a heart attack December 15, 2016. I experienced cardiac arrest four times. That could have been a wake up call to live a healthy lifestyle but it wasn't. It was instead a ‘you only live once,'" she said.  

Wayne says a part of that “YOLO” lifestyle was more excessive drinking.

In 2019, she decided it was time to start a new life and pour a different kind of drink, starting with acknowledging she had a problem.

“It  didn't occur to me until I was in the car on the way to rehab that I was never going to have a margarita again,” Wayne said. 

Studies by beverage daily show Americans will drink twice as much during the months between Thanksgiving and New Year's Day. Christine says she wanted to offer an alternative, so she created The Mox Box. It's a box filled with candy, beer, wine and spirits. 

It's what she calls the one stop shop for “keeping the party going” and living a sober lifestyle. 

For mocktail recipes and to learn more about Christine’s story, visit her website.