GREENSBORO, N.C. — The Guilford Native American Association Pow Wow returned to Greensboro this weekend. 

This is the 44th year the Guilford Native American Association put on the event. It happened September 17-19. The pandemic forced last year’s event to be cancelled. 

What You Need To Know

  • The 44th Guilford Native American Assocation Pow Wow was held September 17-19 in Greensboro’s Jaycee Park

  • Perry Hunt, Jr. has been attending the event since he was a child. Now, he’s on the board for the Guilford Native American Association

  • Dancers and drum groups traveled from across the state and the nation to perform at the celebration

Powwows are an important part of Native American culture. The gatherings allow people to sing and dance in celebration of culture and heritage. The celebration features head dancers and drum groups from across the nation. 

Perry Hunt Jr. has been coming to the event since he was a child. He proudly represents the Lumbee tribe. He now sits on the board for GNAA, and served as head of security for the event.

“When Native Americans started moving back to the city in the '40s and '50s looking for work, being away from our culture and having this powwow every year brings us together and helps celebrate and helps to keep passing our traditions to our younger kids,” Hunt said.

Hunt brought in the Eagle Staff for opening ceremonies Friday evening. The Eagle Staff is the highest honor within his culture. The Eagle Staff is brought in alongside the American flag and POWMIA flag.

The powwow honors American veterans, as well as the soldiers that lost their lives during the exit of Afghanistan. The powwow also honors the missing and murdered indigenous women with a red dress special. 

While Hunt was glad to see the return of the powwow this year, he hopes the tradition continues to educate younger generations about their culture. 

“It’s tremendously important keeping our heritage and our traditions and passing that along to our young kids,” Hunt said.

The Onslow Veterans Pow Wow will be held October 1-3. The Lumbee Tribe Pow Wow and Fall Festival will be held October 8-10, 2021. The Dix Inter-Tribal Pow Wow will be held October 30, 2021. November is Native American Heritage Month.