WASHINGTON — Rep. Kathy Manning began her term in Congress wearing a mask and then facing an attack on her workplace.

“We’re sitting in the House chamber when the police came running in to say that the Capitol had been breached, and that tear gas had been released,” Manning said. “We eventually had to take cover on the floor. It was pretty extraordinary.”


What You Need To Know

Rep. Kathy Manning represents the 6th District which includes Greensboro

Manning had never held political office before being elected in 2020

Manning serves on the Committee on Foreign Affairs and Committee on Education and Labor


Manning, an attorney, had never held office before being elected to Congress for the 6th District, which covers Greensboro.

Her D.C. office is filled with photos of her family and some more well-known faces, including former President Barack Obama and President Joe Biden.

A member of the Committee on Foreign Affairs says she is concerned about an insurgence of terrorism in Afghanistan when U.S. troops are pulled out of the country at the end of August.

“I have significant concerns, particularly with regard to Afghan women and girls. I have drafted a resolution to protect Afghan women and girls,” Manning said.

Recently, Manning, who is Jewish, visited Israel with a bipartisan group of lawmakers to attend the swearing in of Israel’s new president.

Back at home, Manning co-sponsored the Medicaid Saves Lives Act, which would allow eligible people in states like North Carolina, that have not expanded Medicaid, to enroll in a federally funded Medicaid style program.

“There are only 12 states in the country that have refused to take Medicaid expansion, and we have put so many people at risk…we’ve got to get relief to these people,” Manning said.

But passing that bill, and many others, won’t be easy in a Congress splintered with division.

“It’s certainly not what I expected…for several months there were obviously hard feelings toward people who were unable to reconcile themselves with that it was a fair election, and I feel like things are starting to get better now…but it has been very difficult,” Manning said.

Political tensions may increase again as the midterm elections approach next year. 

Manning, who replaced outgoing former Republican Rep. Mark Walker, said she’s focused on what has been done so far.

“We’ve done so much in just the last four months, we are continuing to move forward,” Manning said. “There’s so much we’re trying to get done. I just think we have the right people in place to move those things forward.”


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