CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Becca Wright has been making her family’s cheesy penny snacks since she was a kid, and she made a lot more during COVID-19 shutdowns to comfort friends and family. So many in fact, she decided to start making them full time.



Becca Wright founded Piedmont Pennies in September 2020

She uses her family recipe to make the cheesy snack crackers for Piedmont Pennies.

Wright launched Piedmont Pennies during the pandemic


Wright launched Piedmont Pennies in September of 2020, working out of a shared kitchen in Charlotte using her dad's recipe handed down from his mom, Grand-Betty.

Wright said she's had to learn on the fly, but she has been inspired by the people surrounding her in the kitchen.

“Seeing everyone be really agile and pivot during the pandemic has been really motivating” Wright said. “But it also showed me just one step at a time, and we’re all in this together.”

Piedmont Pennies is less than a year old, but you can find them in more than 30 shops across the Carolinas.