HUNTERSVILLE, N.C. — Law enforcement officers are constantly under a microscope, especially when it comes to their interactions with people in the community. 

One police officer in Huntersville is working to create better relationships with the people she serves. 


What you need to know  

Officer Dee Ramsey has been with the Huntersville Police Department since 2019, and comes from a family of law enforcement officers  

Officer Ramsey noticed during her time at the academy that the department did not have a dedicated community engagement unit, so she created a new unit as her rookie project 

The Community Engagement Officers (CEO’s) are now organizing several events in the community to get to know the residents of Huntersville 


Officer Dee Ramsey has been with the Huntersville Police Department since 2019 and says she wanted to get into law enforcement to help her community. 

“I just wanted people to start to see less of the uniform, and start to see more of the person,” Ramsey said. “Yes, I am Officer Ramsey, but before Officer Ramsey, I’ve always been Ramsey as a person.” 

During her training, she noticed officers volunteering in the community on their own time, but she says they weren’t working as a unit or team. 

For her rookie project, she came up with a more organized way for officers to give back. She created the Community Engagement Officers Unit, or CEOs for short. 

“They already had a ton of people doing community stuff, they just didn’t have a name on it. So that’s all I was doing was slapping a name on it and giving us times to meet,” she says. 

The unit focuses on getting out and getting to know the community through events and projects. The department is always looking for more community events. If you are interested in working with officers, you can e-mail the department