DALLAS, N.C. —  Many people know Lineberger's Farm because of its strawberries, but what visitors might not know is that this farm dates back to 1928. 

What You Need To Know

  • Lineberger’s Farm is a fourth generation farm, located in Gaston County

  • The farm offers pick your own fruits in the spring and summer

  • In the fall, it offers pumpkins and hayrides

  • The farm is open seven days a week

Ethan Lineberger loves getting his hands dirty with his young sons, Charles and Owen. He tries to spend most evenings with them when he finishes work.

He said Owen loves to help pull weeds and eat the strawberries. Lineberger is teaching his sons how to farm, just like his family taught him.

“My great grandfather, Graham Lineberger, bought this land back in 1928 and bought this house here,” Ethan Lineberger said.

Sarah Lineberger and her husband Graham Lineberger on the farm.

He said back in the 1930s, the farm produced just enough food for the family. But in 1955, that all changed when his grandfather, Harold Lineberger, planted a whole acre of strawberries.

“He used the proceeds from that first crop of the strawberries to buy the ring and propose to my grandmother,” Lineberger said.

Land marker for Lineberger Farm when Graham Lineberger bought it in 1928.

The farm now has more than 12 acres of strawberries and many more acres for blackberries, blueberries, pumpkins and more.

“A lot of our customers are people who came here as kids and now they are bringing their kids back here,” Lineberger said.

When Lineberger was in college, he told his grandfather he wanted to take over the farm one day. His grandfather showed him the ropes and Lineberger officially took the reins in 2018.

“I enjoy growing plants and I get a lot of satisfaction seeing a healthy plant,” Lineberger said.

He also enjoys sharing that food, not just with his family, but the whole community.

“Local food matters to me,” Lineberger said. “I am a big believer that food that is fully ripe is higher in nutritional content and it tastes better and we wanted to keep making that available to the community.”

To learn more about the farm hours and what it offers, visit the website.