ELIZABETH CITY, N.C. — Businesses around the city are losing money as people in the community continue to protest for transparency in the Andrew Brown Jr. case.

What You Need To Know

  • A curfew from 8 p.m. to 6 a.m. means some businesses have to close early

  • Some businesses are closed or short staffed to enable employees to particiate in protests for Andrew Brown Jr.

  • The impacts are causing restaurants to lose money

Owners of Elizabeth City Pizza Company have noticed a difference in business, but say it hasn't been anything detrimental yet.

"Theres no rule book for how to do this, but we're trying to be supportive of everybody...and do what we need to do to survive," said co-owner Kendall Taylor.

The pizza shop is a couple a blocks from the Pasquotank County Courthouse where protests have kicked off for over a week. Law enforcement puts barriers in the street to guide protesters. The barriers have also made it difficult for customers to come to the restaurant.

Additionally, Taylor says she is down an employee.

"Since a lot of the [college] campuses have shut down, she's going back to Raleigh, you know," said Taylor. "And a lot of the restaurants are already kind of battling a staff shortage. So, that's even tougher when your staff that you have has to go."

In a Facebook group, plenty of restaurants in the area vocalized feeling similar affects.

Some are closing down early to enable employees to participate in protests. Other restaurants are closing to ensure enough clean up time before curfew kicks in at 8 p.m. Nonetheless, some local restaurants and chain fast food spots are seeing a difference in business.

Taylor says for them, at least the lunch hour is still doing alright.

"Of course in the food business, when you sell less you're using less, so it kind of evens itself out," said Taylor.