CHARLOTTE, N.C. –  It’s spring, but Meck Pre-K officials are already focusing on the upcoming school year. Sign-ups for the 2021-2022 school year have already started.

Mecklenberg Pre-K has been doing in-person instruction since the fall, and officials say they haven’t had a single COVID-19 case at any of their schools. Cameran Caldwell, a second year teacher, says when the 2020 school year started she had mixed emotions.

“I was probably all over the place as far as emotions. I was nervous because COVID. I didn’t want to risk the kids, didn’t want to risk myself,” she says. “But I was also excited because I got to physically be in the classroom with my kids.”

All teachers and staff have more safety protocols in their daily routines. It starts with a temperature check and a questionnaire when parents drop off their kids. Teachers also do a second temperature check in the afternoon, and there’s only nine students in a class, along with a lot off extra cleaning.  

“I would say about an hour [cleaning] every day. As far as cleaning the chairs, wiping the chairs off, spraying all the toys sweeping, mopping and vacuuming,” she says.

Caldwell thinks these protocols will ease parents’ concerns, especially those considering enrolling their kids.

“Being virtual is not very beneficial for them because they’re not familiar with technology. Most of the time a parent will have to sit with them as far as learning so they can stay focused,” Caldwell says. “I feel like in person learning is very beneficial to them because they’re more hands on. They get to interact with other students. They get to interact with their teachers.”

You can register online now through the Meck Pre-K website.