CHARLOTTE, N.C. — For the last year, musician Robert Moore has been playing his cello on street corners or wherever he could. But that all changed in March as restrictions were eased and more people were vaccinated.


What You Need To Know

  • Spectrum News 1 spoke to Robert Moore in January about the struggles in the music industry due to the pandemic

  • He usually played at weddings, restaurants, or special events, but most of those were canceled

  • Now that restrictions are easing up, he is being asked to perform at events again

When Moore walked into the doors of The Manor Independent Senior Living Center, it was a big day for him.

“As far as working is concerned, this is my first job in one year,” Moore says.

It was his first time getting paid to perform at an event since February 2020. It was a special moment for him and those listening to the music.

“You get lonely sitting in your apartment, and you really want to talk to others,” resident Hanne Hancock says. “Now we are having a great time, and it’s a great place to get together with everyone.

Bette Beaman says she recently celebrated her 91st birthday, but she couldn’t have a big celebration due to COVID-19.

“It’s been difficult for me because I couldn't have my kids over to visit,” Beaman says. “I think this music is wonderful. He is great.”

Throughout the evening, some of the residents stretched their legs and started to dance. Moore says that really made him smile.

“It makes me feel really good when people are enjoying my music, that makes me feel good,” Moore says. “I love it when they dance.”