KANNAPOLIS, N.C. — Despite not having the Kannapolis Cannon Ballers take the field Tuesday night, baseball has finally made its debut at Atrium Health Ballpark.

The return of baseball is exciting for fans and workers alike. Mike Campbell wears both hats.

He's a lover of the game and an usher at the ballpark. Tuesday night's game isn't a first ever, rather just the first in a very long time.

“We usually get in early and sit around and talk, and then if we get our sections ready, then we have a little time before the game opens and we have time to talk and be friends," says Campbell.

He says the saying is true, that you never work a day in your life if you love what you do.

“The people that do this, we do it because we like baseball. We do it because, you know, that’s a part of what we are. We grew up playing ball and we just like baseball,” he says.

Campbell will be working in a new stadium, along with his co-workers, and he's visited the ballpark to get an idea of what his responsibilities might look like.

“I think each one of us will be assigned a section that we’re responsible for making sure that people into the seats that belong to them," Campbell says.