WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. – Christmas is coming early for the residents of Winston-Salem and across North Carolina with the opening of two new Moravian pop-up bake shops.

The Wilkerson family is the oldest family in Moravian baking in Winston-Salem with five generations of Moravian bakers dating all the way back to 1925.

Chelsi and Kane Wilkerson are following the footsteps of their great-grandfather, Dewey Guy Wilkerson, who started this tradition almost a century ago.

Chelsi says her family opened up two pop-up shops in Winston-Salem for the holidays, and adds, this is a great opportunity to keep the tradition alive and spread their Moravian holiday messages.

"One of the messages of the Moravians has always been to spread love, and that's what we think Moravian products do as well. They bring families together. There are so many traditions based around the holidays," Chelsi explains.

The two pop-up shops, one in Hanes Mall and the other on Robinhood Road, will be open through New Year's, and the Wilkersons hope to start an e-commerce business so they can sell their cookies online to people all over.