CHARLOTTE, N.C. – It’s already that time of year. Thousands of volunteers around the country are helping with Operation Christmas Child.

But this year, a special group of college students stepped up to help as well, Chamberlain College nursing students.

Throughout the semester, the students have been volunteering around Charlotte, since many opportunities for clinical courses changed due to COVID-19.

As for these volunteers, they say it is only going to help them know their future community.

"I’m ready to go because I need to help and care for whoever and wherever I need to,” says Senior Sade Wray. “I like to be helpful to people who are not just in the hospital or wherever I will work. If anybody comes and asks me questions, I need to be ready. So I’m definitely ready. I’m excited.”

Wray says she has a few more classes to go, but then she and her classmates hope to hit the ground running to relieve some front-line workers when they graduate soon.