CHARLOTTE, N.C. — A local nonprofit organization is in need of a van to serve more people in the community.

What You Need To Know

  • A Brighter Day Ministries is using an older SUV to transport donations.

  • They have the opportunity to help feed more families but transportation is limiting their ability to help.

  • They are hoping someone in the community can donate a used or new van.

A Brighter Day Ministries provides mentoring, fun activities, hope, and support for families in need in West Charlotte.

“Seeing the need of the community, I’m invested. I’m present and invested,” A Brighter Day Ministries Vice President and Minister Bryan Williams said.

Founder Beverly Knox Davis, who grew up in West Charlotte, is also invested in serving children and families in the Hoskins and Thomasboro communities.

“Knowing they had no one else to turn. To get a phone call to say, ‘Ms. Beverly, all we have is a jug of water in the refrigerator, can you help us?’,” Davis said.

Volunteer Mitch Patterson, who is known as DJ Blessed, has noticed the impact of the organization. He said their mission is one of the reasons he continues bringing music and entertainment to their events.

“When you come to an event and you just feel the love, it makes you want to get involved and stay involved,” Patterson said. “It has provided unity and educational needs.”

Now, a Brighter Day Ministries is asking for the support of the community to continue their efforts.

The nonprofit has the opportunity to partner with another group to distribute 600 food boxes to families in need every week in October. However, the organization only has an older SUV to transport the fresh food that must be delivered the same day of pick up.

Davis said the group could distribute more fresh foods if they had a larger vehicle.

“I’ve only committed to 20 boxes, but if we had the proper transportation, I could do a whole lot more and feed more families in the heart of the community,” Davis said.

She’s hoping someone can donate a mini van, passenger van, or a bus. The vehicle will also help the organization save on renting moving trucks for future events.


The cost-saving measure would also help amid the pandemic when donations from businesses and private donors have dwindled.

“If we can save a dollar anywhere and put it back into feeding a child and making sure they have proper clothing, or toiletries, or if a parent needs support, we will have the funding,” Davis said.

In addition, Davis said a larger vehicle would allow them to transport children from local neighborhoods to their events and provide field trips.

If you are interested in helping, please contact Beverly Knox Davis at 704-612-6390 or email