CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Barry Greene knows a thing or two about plants. Inside his small plant shop, called Shades of Moss, is where he shares his knowledge to those looking to develop a green thumb.

He was introduced to the world of plants after taking a job at Lowes.

“There was miscommunication," says Greene. "They were telling me that they had a position open in their garden center watering plants and I’m like sure. Let’s take a swing at it.”

That was nearly ten years ago.

Greene lived in a few places including New York, but eventually came back to Charlotte a few years ago.

It was during the pandemic when his love for plants blossomed again, and soon he made the decision to quit his full-time job and open his own shop.

“I saw this platform and I was like, I can do this," says Greene. "I think I have the knowledge, I have the background, the education to be able to start a shop and I just came to the conclusion I couldn’t fail.”

His doors opened this summer, and since then he’s seen all types of people stop by, especially men.

“I love that they are coming out in groups," says Greene. "So to be able to sit down and have a conversation, and say, 'what are you having issues with or where would you like to put it' or I show them pictures of my place and I say, 'hey man, this is how I am and when they see that they start to visualize.'”

Right now, Shades of Moss is a place to get a good plant, but Greene is slowly planting the seeds that will help it grow into so much more.

“It’s just great to be able to see people again and have those convos, and when they leave they know who I am and I got a piece of them with me as well," he says.

Greene says he is hoping to start hosting more community events including men’s nights in his shop to help share more information about plants and gardening to those in Charlotte.