BOONE, N.C. -- Appalachian State University has seen a decrease in coronavirus cases despite having in-person classes on campus. The university has seen a drop of 16 active cases in the last nine days alone.

Students on campus Sunday were taking precautions by wearing masks and social distancing. The university has put hand sanitizer inside every building, as well as putting plastic over desks to keep students apart.

The student body president says they are working hard to ensure students stay safe during this time but they need students to stay vigilant.

He is hoping the university, students, police, and the town will help keep numbers down.

"That first weekend, people were really worried and parents really worried. So going into the third week of classes and third week of people being on campus after they moved in, I think it's something that students are like, 'Hey maybe this can work?' I think it can, but every day it's kind of like a mini-battle," says student body president Michael Davis.

Davis says one fraternity has already been kicked off campus for having a party, which he feels is important for the school to do.

He says everyone needs to do their part to keep numbers low.