CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- The Humane Society of Charlotte’s newest group of dogs finally arrived Tuesday afternoon after a pretty long journey.

“I’m so excited to see them come in and just so happy that they’re here in Charlotte," Donna Stucker says.

Stucker is the vice president of philanthropy for the shelter, and says they worked with the Humane Society of the United States and different organizations to help these dogs escape Hurricane Laura headed down south.

“Those animals that were just sitting in the shelter there awaiting adoption, we’re trying to get them into our care to make room for those animals that will become displaced after the storm hits," she says.  

The dogs came from south Mississippi, traveled to Nashville Monday, and then made their way to Asheville Tuesday, where Zach Boerboom drove up to get them.

“You definitely get use to all the barking but it’s never not bad," he says.

Boerboom has been working with the Humane Society for the last two years, and has been transporting a lot more dogs here to the shelter in these last few weeks.

“We’ve had a great run of adoptions recently, so it allowed us to take in (these) dogs from Mississippi," he says.

With another transport scheduled to take place this week, Boerboom and the rest of the staff are just happy to help give these and other dogs coming in a second chance.

The Humane Society of Charlotte says it will perform behavior and medical evaluations on all the dogs before they are ready to be put up for adoption in September.