CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Since the start of the pandemic, members of Another Chance House of Refuge have been giving people in need a helping hand.

The group formed relationships with entities like UNC Charlotte to collect meals prepared by its chefs and then distribute them to families living in motels.

“We pick up from UNC everyday, Monday through Friday, and then we meet and we distribute. We go to Intown Suites here. We go to the other Intown Suites behind Krispy Kreme, and then we go to Wood Springs Extended Stay—right in the heart of Mathews,” Another Chance House of Refuge Founder Shakieta Zollicoffer said.

After posting pictures on Facebook, attention started circulating through the locals. Companies began donating and others asked to help Zollicoffer deliver food.

“It does my heart good that somebody is eating because a lot of people aren’t eating. So, it's wonderful just to be able to do this every day,” Zollicoffer said.

Parents who have become homeless in the midst of the pandemic say they’re appreciative of meals.

“I know that there’s plenty of times that I feel like I’m less of a mother. I can’t do anything for my kids, but it helps me feel like I am the mother,” Kwyntara Mayse said.

With schools reopening soon Zollicoffer says her partnership with UNC will soon come to an end, but she is looking for more partnerships to feed those in need.

“It’s going to be a challenge, but another chance House of Refuge wants to stand in the gap and make sure they don’t miss any meals and we alleviate that pressure,” Zollicoffer said.

If you would like to donate to Another Chance House of Refuge visit its Facebook page.