LEXINGTON, N.C. -- After George Floyd's death, Wanda Cox wanted to do something to help keep the conversation going and help people take a stand against racism.

What You Need To Know

  • The signs can be purchased online for $12.

  • The proceeds go towards a scholarship fund for black undergraduate students.

  • The organization PFLAG is spearheading the effort.

She says she's found that some people are wary to openly speak about racism, but wanted to have the "Say No To Racism" signs in their yards.

“The yard sign idea came as a way to express yourself, use your voice, but you’re not going to get into a confrontation with someone. You’re not going to get into an argument,” Cox says.

It was a lot of work for one person to do, so she handed the reins over to PFLAG. The group helps the LGBTQ+ community, including their parents and friends.

The members meet in First Reformed United Church of Christ. The pastor, Rev. Elizabeth Horton, says having PFLAG and the signs at the church ties into their mission of unity and welcoming.

“People from all different traditions can be around the table, to have a place at the table, and know that there is plenty of room for everyone, and so it seems like this is just one way of opening up the chairs so that everyone can have a place at the table, and that is kingdom work," Horton says.

Currently, they're looking for sponsors to help offset the costs of the signs.

For more information, contact pflaglexingtonnc@gmail.com.