CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Gyms have been closed for months because of the coronavirus pandemic, forcing many people to get creative with their fitness routine.

However, one Charlotte trainer's business is actually thriving, despite the pandemic.

Sydney Cummings pushes herself daily through her workouts, which are watched by more than 500,000 people.

She and her finance Dustin started their Youtube channel about two years ago, giving people free workouts every single day.

According to Cummings, she has people joining her for her workouts from around the world.

One of those who tunes in for the workouts is Brooke Jordan, a Charlotte resident who was forced to find alternatives after both of her gyms closed in March due to the virus.

"You know, at the beginning of the pandemic, I didn't really know what I was going to do in terms of an exercise routine but, once I found these videos, it certainly has given me a sense of normalcy, and now I have something to look forward to during the day," Jordan says.

Sydney posts a new video every day at 5 a.m.