BOONE, N.C. – Protests and riots are continuing in the U.S. following the death of George Floyd.

What You Need To Know

  • Appalachian State University professor says we are past the peak and riots will be dwindling

  • Dr. Anatoly Isaenko says he has seen similarities between current events and former riots in the Soviet Union

  • Isaenko says the issues under these riots need to be discussed

One Appalachian State University professor who studies ethnic riots says these protests are similar to ones that have happened all over the world for decades.

Dr. Anatoly Isaenko says he witnessed the riots first hand in Russia many years ago and was even involved in some. 

Since then, he has studied up on 25 different protests and found many similarities, such as what he calls "chosen problems."

He says these are deep issues that a group suffers due to things that have happened many years ago.

Isaenko says if these issues are not addressed, they will continue to rise into protests every few years.

"We need to discuss openly from all perspectives. From psychological, from social, from economic perspective because we know we have reasons," Isaenko says.

Isaenko says he believes more schools should educate students about riots that have happened around the world and the conflicts that continue to arise.