BURKE COUNTY, N.C. – Three hikers were rescued from the Upper Creek Falls on Wednesday by Burke County EMS. Lt. John Hood says the hikers went into the trail Tuesday and crossed the river.


What You Need To Know

  • Burke EMS rescued three hikers who crossed the river but could not come back

  • Murky water makes it difficult to see what is flowing in the quick water

  • Heavy rainfall has made rivers run fast

  • Burke EMS are asking hikers to be careful for the holiday weekend as more rain is expected

When the water became high, they set up camp to stay for the night but other hikers in the area called EMS and asked them to check on those camping. When it became clear those hikers could not make it back across due to the rough waters, EMS set up a ladder for them to climb onto to get out.

Burke officials say this is a reminder for this holiday weekend that more rain will be falling and the water is rough.

"Anytime the water level rises it becomes murky water you cant see so you don't know what obstacles are under the surface of the water. There is a lot of chance of getting your foot caught on rocks or debris that's coming down with the flood waters. Anytime you're around high waters we highly discourage people from going in the water," Hood says.

It is also important to remember that during the coronavirus, people should remain 6 feet apart which is impossible to do during a rescue. They are asking you to be careful when hiking or exploring and only do trails on your skill level.