GREENSBORO, N.C. –  A local farm is seeing a huge demand for its crop despite the coronavirus pandemic.

Rudd Farm in Greensboro has seen an increase in business for its 20th strawberry season. Owner Matt Rudd told us their new social distancing drive thru is a real hit. 

"We have a days worth of strawberries that would take about a day to sell or close to it, and we sold them in like two and a half hours," Rudd says.

Strawberry season started Monday and attracted hundreds of people eager to pick up their baskets.

It got so busy NCDOT has to conduct traffic control into the farm.

On Wednesday, they opened the drive thru back up again, this time 400 people showed up.

Rudd says they served six cars per minute.

"We were worried people may not want to get out in all of this, but it's just been amazing and overwhelming, and we feel blessed that this many people would still want to get out of the house and get strawberries," Rudd says.

A tremendous demand for strawberries is nothing Rudd Farm can't handle. Rudd told us strawberry season goes on for another eight weeks.

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