Chapel Hill, N.C. -- In what ended up being an awkward year for the Tar Heel basketball program, the college basketball season, as a whole, suffered without March Madness. According to Hall of Fame Head Coach, Roy Williams, it looks like that hiatus could carry over into the summer.

Williams made himself available to the media Tuesday morning to discuss the challenges his program is facing during this pandemic and he admitted that he has spent minimal time watching replays of past games. He's been locked in on the news coverage of the COVID-19 virus and the effect it's having on our country.

When it comes to basketball, Williams mentioned that the dead period for recruiting has been pushed back into May and he's not optimistic about it being lifted by June. He's hopeful that will change by July so he doesn't have to rely on "word of mouth", or just plain game tapes when evaluating potential recruits.

Williams says, "I don't have any idea. I really don't. I've been talking to NBA people, I've talked to other college coaches and the general consensus is what it should be but nobody has any idea of what is going to happen. I think, to me, I think June is out of question also so I'm just hoping for the July period. Gracious sakes, I hate trying to make a decision, scholarship or no scholarship, on the guy just by watching him on tape but that's the world we're in right now and we've got to go with what we have."