LONGVIEW, N.C. -- At least 60 homes in Catawba County are damaged after a hydrogen plant exploded Tuesday morning.

County officials say 44 employees were inside at the time, and amazingly, no one was hurt. The blast knocked out walls of the building and blew out windows to homes.

The explosion was felt by people as far away as Lincoln and Alexander counties. Back and front doors of home were also blown out and some roofs were damaged.

One neighbor is now worried that she won't have anywhere to go during the stay-at-home order because her home is damaged.

"There was this huge boom. It threw me into the floor. The whole neighborhood was rattling, and that’s when I saw this ball, this ball of steam. It knocked out my kitchen door, and started blowing out windows, and it went through the house blowing out the doors open," neighbor Lynn Rigsbee said.

The Red Cross was called to help any neighbors who may need somewhere to stay. The Catawba County fire marshal is still investigating the cause.