CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Mecklenburg County provided additional guidance for outdoor activities allowed under the stay-at-home order to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

On Saturday afternoon, county officials said outdoor activity is recommended as long as people practice social distancing. Both playgrounds and excercise equipment at parks are off-limits.

"We maintained the six-foot distance, and because we are outside, we have air circulating, and we don't touch anything in the park," says Sandra Maguran, who went for a walk in Freedom Park to catch up with a friend.

At the park, rangers reminded people about the new rules. 

"The park ranger kindly asked us to stay off the equipment because we are touching our face, wiping our sweat and then touching the equipment," said Andres Rangel, who was using the park's pull-up bars.

Golf is permitted on courses. However, basketball pick-up games, tennis, and other games that include shared equipment are not allowed.

"We've told people that if they want to go out and exercise, getting into a pick-up basketball game, bumping into each other is not considered appropriate social distancing," said Mecklenburg County Manager Dena Diorio.

On Saturday afternoon, Spectrum News saw people at parks not following the new guidelines

"It goes against what they're saying, but I don't think neither her or I would contract COVID-19 by doing this today," says Ayanna Foster, who was playing badminton at Independence Park with a friend.

Foster said she needed to get out of the house after being inside the entire week.

However, Rangel says he's trying to keep moving during this crisis without breaking the rules, and he hopes others do the same. "To me, if we don't take this seriously, then we are going to be in this for a long time."

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police are encouraging volunteer cooperation for now.

However, officers can issue citations and make misdemeanor arrests. If you see anyone breaking the rules, you can report it on or call 3-1-1.