CHARLOTTE, N.C. — With millions of North Carolinians stuck at home there are many people wondering how they're going to exercise. 

Some gyms are offering their clients online classes.

Hilliard Studio Method in Charlotte offers dozens of classes, and the CEO, Liz Hilliard, says people from all over the country are using them.

"We feel good our clients can work out, but our concern is they are missing this community of the workout.," Hilliard says.

The YMCA of Greater Charlotte is also offering classes.

YMCA Healthy Living Executive Director Sue Dissinger says there are many ways to exercise even if a person is stuck inside their home.

People can use their carpet or mat to do sit ups, push ups, or planks. 

She says you can also use a milk jug filled with sand or water as a cow bell.

Dissinger says people may also want consider meditation to ease some of the stress many people have.