GREENSBORO, N.C. — Public health officials are urging Americans to help slow the spread of the coronavirus through social distancing.

As cultural, sporting, and other events are being canceled across the country, small businesses are also seeing the negative impacts of this outbreak.

Greensboro pet supply store, All Pets Considered, is worried about the economic ramifications this virus has on businesses like theirs. General manager, Allison Schwartz, told us they do not have as much space to rebound if things were to get out of hand.

"If we were to get quarantined for two weeks, and people were not coming in to shop, we would really struggle as a small business, and we're not alone in that. Our community is full of small businesses who would feel the impact," Schwartz said.

The business is getting ahead of the game by creating its own website. This is so their customers can have the convenience of shopping online but also shopping local. They are also taking preventative measures within the store so customers feel safe, something that has lately been in their favor. 

"We've had some customers who have come in that have never shopped with us before because they wanted a smaller location, where there was not as many people shopping," Schwartz said.

Frequent customers like Angie Lucas agree and find it more comforting. 

"It is very crowded in a Walmart or a Petsmart, and so here it's smaller, calmer environment, especially right now with the care we all have to take, this is better to deal with," Lucas explained. 

While things have not yet totally gotten out of hand, employees at All Pets Considered are hoping for the best. The best for not only their shop, but for others around the country as well. 

"Just that it blows over pretty quickly and that we can move on with our lives and not too many people financially are disrupted either," Schwartz said.

The store is also offering same-day local delivery and call ahead in-store pick-up for people who do not want to be in close contact with others. They also have a certain amount of food saved up for people in need who cannot afford pet food during this difficult time.